симпоціум на честь відкриття АЦО

Dear colleagues!

Today, technology has become such an inextricable part of our daily lives that the word “digitalization” is no longer strange or wild. A few years ago we talked about the seemingly distant “digital future of dentistry”, and today we are already talking about the need to use digital technology in our profession. It is this “necessity” —the need for development, improvement of diagnostic and treatment tools, the need for a deeper understanding of the processes occurring in the human body — has become one of the reasons for organizing the international digital orthodontic symposium “Digital Orthodontics - Opportunities and Implementation”.

The main goal of the Symposium is to disseminate the clinical experience of the international and Ukrainian orthodontic community in the use of digital orthodontic appliances. Share methods of modern, already digitized diagnosis and treatment. Make sure that the "digital" is indeed an indispensable assistant to the orthodontist!

Drohomyretska MyroslavaSee you in March!

Sincerely, Honorary President of AOU
Drohomyretska Myroslava

Dear colleagues, friends!

The development of modern orthodontics is impossible without high-tech computer technology. The era of digital diagnostic methods, treatment planning and predicting the results of dental patient's rehabilitation is confidently entering the practice of a doctor and is already not only expedient but also extremely necessary means of ensuring a high level of our professionalism!

Digital technologies: 3D printers, CAD / CAM systems, Digital Smile Design, etc. help to achieve more accurate, precise results, increase comfort during dental treatment! And today it is logical that we will talk about the opening of the satellite AOU - Digital Orthodontics Association!

Л. СмаглюкAnd I am pleased to invite you to the 1st International Symposium of the ACO “Digital Orthodontics - Opportunities and Implementation”, which will be held on March 13-15, 2020! I hope for a meeting and fruitful cooperation!

With great respect, L. Smaglyuk!


Dear friends

So a new stage has come in the history of the development of Ukrainian orthodontics - "The Digital Age". It would seem that yesterday 3D printers were considered as a "toy", and American detective stories with pistols printed on the printer seemed fantastic.

Today, we opened our minds to something new and, perhaps, even unexpected - they introduced digital technologies into our medical life. It is precisely those technologies that allow, for example, treating cataracts by corneal transplantation, or rehabilitate patients with serious injuries of the musculoskeletal system on their feet.

There are many examples, but on March 14-15, 2020 we will speak narrowly, within the framework of dentistry. And even more - about digital technologies in orthodontics. Scanners, printers, print media, digital orthodontic appliances, digital diagnostics, the digitization process of patients, clinics, laboratories, orthodontic appointments, in the end - this is what we will discuss. This is what domestic and foreign lecturers will share.

And of course, we will celebrate a joyful event - the official opening of the Association of Digital Orthodontics, AOU satellite!

Ganchuk VeronikaI look forward to meeting you at the International Digital Symposium!

With warmth
ADO President Ganchuk Veronika