International Orthodontic Symposium


Dear friends

So a new stage has come in the history of the development of Ukrainian orthodontics - "The Digital Age". It would seem that yesterday 3D printers were considered as a "toy", and American detective stories with pistols printed on the printer seemed fantastic.

Today, we opened our minds to something new and, perhaps, even unexpected - they introduced digital technologies into our medical life. It is precisely those technologies that allow, for example, treating cataracts by corneal transplantation, or rehabilitate patients with serious injuries of the musculoskeletal system on their feet.

There are many examples, but on the Symposium we will speak narrowly, within the framework of dentistry. And even more - about digital technologies in orthodontics. Scanners, printers, print media, digital orthodontic appliances, digital diagnostics, the digitization process of patients, clinics, laboratories, orthodontic appointments, in the end - this is what we will discuss. This is what domestic and foreign lecturers will share.

Ganchuk VeronikaI look forward to meeting you at the International Digital Symposium!

With warmth,
ADO President Ganchuk Veronika