Simulation trainings


May 20, 2024

IV Charitable International Orthodontic Symposium "Digital Orthodontics - Interdisciplinary Approach"

Post-congress simulation training

The way to a successful finish of treatment with ALINERS of our own production

Simulation training plan:

  1. Fundamentals of working with software for making aligners.
  2. Loading and preparing models (scans).
  3. Function "Auto-segmentation" - pros and cons.
  4. The importance of tooth alignment. How the length and position of the tooth axis affects the planning of its movement.
  5. The most frequent mistakes when preparing scans for moving teeth.
  6. Digital laws of orthodontics.
  7. Digital diagnostic tools - preparation for developing a treatment plan. Antpropometry. Loading CT into the program.
  8. Biomechanics of tooth movement.
  9. All about planning orthodontic treatment with aligners.
  10. How do you make a digital treatment plan work?
  11. Biomechanics of aligners. Changing the worldview of a dentist.
  12. Biomechanics of attachments. Size, shape, location. Choice of attachment depending on the type of movement.
  13. Key points in working with aligners.
  14. Protocols of treatment with aligners of various types of bite pathologies.

Simulation training takes place on the basis of the most equipped 3 Shape Ukraine training center in Europe.

Each cadet works independently on a separate PC. Practical classes with scanners and working with with software.

💙💛 All profits from the event will be transferred to the production of #OrtoBuggy cars, which are vital to the front. This is a very small contribution that we can make to achieve the only goal - Victory!

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Veronika Ganchuk

Veronika Volodymyrivna Hanchuk. Assistant of the Department of Orthodontics and Propedeutics of Orthopedic Dentistry of NMU named after O.O. Bogomolets.

International lecturer, orthodontist-gnathologist. President of the Association of Digital Orthodontics, member of the board of the Association of Orthodontists of Ukraine.


payment by 5/1/24 €320 *
payment after 5/1/24 €350 *
members of AOU ** -10%

* payment in UAH at the NBU exchange rate
** availability on the AOU website